Yoon Hyun Sang and IU ask “When Would It Be” on 1theK’s #Hashtag

Recently making his debut with the track,  “When Would It Be” featuring IU, rookie soloist Yoon Hyun Sang participates on the special #Hashtag interview for 1theK. 

On November 3rd, 1theK released Yoon Hyun Sang’s interview for his debut mini-album Pianoforte. Soft spoken, this singer-songwriter explains this song is an emotionally romantic love song and plays a snippet on the keyboard while singing.

Growing up listening to sentimental songs, Yoon Hyun Sang says how he likes the sentimental feelings the songs give off, which explains his nature in the album. Also, as it is the autumn season, it gives off an even more sentimental feeling.

In addition, IU made a guest appearance in his interview! IU jokingly bantered with him, saying that she loved the song so much that she wanted to originally steal it and sing it for her own album, but wasn’t allowed to. Instead, she offered to sing a duet with him, slyly mentioning how he contemplated her offer for a while. Yoon Hyun Sang wittily retorted how he figured it would be best for it to be a duet, so it would gain more exposure. With this, she exclaimed how it was a strategic move on his part.

Recently, IU has been very busy, as she has also collaborated with Seo Taiji for “Sogyeokdong”.