Here’s 15 BTS Photos You Need To Try With Your Best Friends

Which one would you want to try?

BTS is known for their selfies and group photos, which are popular for being real and down-to-earth. Although there may be days they get dressed to the nines, on most days they are just our lovable goofballs that like to play around. Let’s take a look at some photos that we could try to take with our best friends.

1. Mirror reflection

2. The ‘who can scrunch their face more’ pose

3. Group shot while lying down

4. The classic ‘tough guy’ shot

5. Dressing chic with the besties

6. Playing dress-up with the ladies

7. Twinning

8. Twinning Part 2

9. Twinning Part 3

10. Gangsta mood

11. Halloween party

12. Classic limousine group shot

13. Pajama sleepover with the gang

14. The classic school uniform

15. Cute group selfie with the crew

What style of photo would you want to take with your best friends?