Here’s 15 Photos Of Worldwide Handsome BTS Jin’s Sexy Mullet

We have entered the Jin mullet era.

BTS‘s Jin has been growing this mullet since last year and fans are loving it. This new look gives him a whole different vibe that we’d like to continue to see. We see the start of his mullet in the 2020 Season’s Greetings and the progression throughout this new comeback.

1. Fans were shook after seeing these photos released last year

2. There isn’t anything he can’t pull off tbh

3. He hits peak perfection with his full grown mullet

4. The start of a new hair Jin era

5. Worldwide handsome + mullet= flawless

6. You know you’re melting after seeing that smile

7. The seduction is REAL

8. Visuals be coming through even with a mask on

9. Side-profile Jin is leJINdary

10. Visuals be 100 all day, every day

11. We see that mullet peeking through

12. If looks could kill…

13. This is what perfection looks like

14. Bow down to Prince Jin

15. …but we all know he’s just a goofball hyung to all the members!

What do you think about Jin’s mullet? Stay or nay?