16 Photos That Prove BTS’s J-Hope Is Boyfriend Material

How can you not love this ray of sunshine?

We all know just how much positive energy and happiness exudes from our ray of sunshine BTS‘s J-Hope! His bright outlook on life and his passion for dance could make him quite possibly the best boyfriend material ever! Let’s take a look at some happy hobi-ness shall we?


He knows he deserves a kiss when’s he’s done something good

He knows just when to get you some coffee on busy days.

He knows the perfect boyfriend poses to make when you’re trying to take photos.

He can make getting out of the car look sexy.

He knows how to make your heart melt with that signature Hobi smile.

He looks flawless even after that ‘I just got done with the gym’ pose.

He can make your baddest of days turn happy with just one smile.

Coffee dates with the bae

The effortlessly chic boyfriend vibe

He knows how take flawless selfies to send to you.

Hobi with shades is a whole different story.

He knows how play the innocent and cute look too.

He knows how to carry your bag like a gentleman.

He’s ready to party whenever you are.

How can you say no to this face?

This ball of sunshine is what makes your heart beat.

Hobi is the epitome of happiness and love.


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