Agencies, producers, politicians, and celebrities mourn the loss of rock idol Shin Hae Chul

Agencies, producers, politicians, celebrities, and fans alike are mourning the loss of rock idol Shin Hae Chul, who passed away on October 27th at 8:19pm KST after complications following his surgery for cardiac arrest.JunggigoHow could such a thing happen? The shocking news about Shin Hae Chul sunbaenim is a shame. I will remember the music thatsunbaenim has left us for the rest of my life.

Kang Min HeeYour name and your music will forever be in our hearts.. Thank you. Rest in peace. Please rest peacefully..

Jewelry Baby JRest in peace….My heart hurts so much… Really ㅜㅜ Everyone please pray..

2AM Jinwoon – Ah..No words..How can this be.. Rest in peace

Kanto Rest in peace …

Rhymer I sincerely hope that you rest in peace. Thank you..

Soribada – Rest in peace. Due to his music, we felt fulfilled. We are grateful. Please rest peacefully in heaven. The King of Darkness.

Kim Hyung JunShin Haechul sunbaenim’s music and passion will be never forgotten and will forever remain in our memories. Rest in peace.

g.o.d Joon Park – May God Bless your Soul and your loved ones~ You have touched many hearts and will remain in everyones hearts as a Korean Rock Legend… God Bless!!!

HaeChul hyung you will remain in history and our hearts as a hero that has made many memories for many people. Rest in peace~

Na Yoon Kwon Sunbaenim thank you for leaving behind such wonderful music. Please rest comfortably. Rest in peace.

Yoon Do Hyun I still can’t believe it and my heart stops and I still have things to repent to you hyung…. How must the family left behind feel?…A huge star from Korean rock has left. Haechul hyung I’m sorry… Rest in peace. Tears…

U-KISS KiseopShin Hae Chul sunbaenim… How can this happen like this… So many of your juniors are waiting… My heart hearts so much… We will remember… Please rest peacefully… Rest in peace..

Eddy Kim Rest in peace..

Jae ChongRIP to one of the greatest~ I will miss you hyung~ This definitely marks an end of an era.

The Boss Hyun MinRest in peace

Dal Shabet SeriRest in peace

Jang Woo Hyuk – Sunbaenim #respect and I will never forget you.

HahaShin Hae Chul hyungnim… I’m so in peace..hyungnim..

M.Pire Jerry – This is very sad news…Shin Hae Chul sunbaenim, rest in peace…

Verbal JintRest in peace

MBC Radio PD – On a day like today, the traditional corner in the radio will be pushed away, and I hope you enjoy the Shin Hae Chul special. It’s a difficult thing, I know…

AJAX Hyung Gon – This news is such a shame. I will forever remember Shin Hae Chul sunbaenim’s music. Rest in peace.

The Boss Minos – I can’t believe it, Shin Hae Chul is in a nice place, definitely play your music in peace

Rainbow No Eul We will always remember the king of darkness, Shin Hae Chul sunbaenim. Rest in peace…..

BeatBurger Jae Won King of darkness. Rest in peace in a beautiful place.

BoA R.I.P..

U-KISS Kevin Rest in peace.

Rainbow Jaekyung – Rest in peace….

Nell Kim Jong WanIt is sad and empty. Rest in peace.

ZE:A Minwoo – Rest in peace… I think this year was very difficult and there was a lot of painful news..I will pray that everyone will have good news (in the future).

Jewelry YewonRest in peace…

San E Without knowing the meaning I used to sing this, I remember this song from my 4th year in elementary school…Rest in peace sunbaenim

KahiR.I.P.. Rest comfortably.. We are praying…

YG Entertainment

Seoul Asan Medical CenterTo the family and the people wishing for Shin Hae Chul’s recovery we offer our earnest well-wishes, and our sincerest condolences go out to the family for not being able to recover him despite all the efforts from our physician’s. Rest in peace.

DJ DOC Kim Chang RyeolI am sorry, please forgive me…I am beside myself… Please pray that my hyung goes to a good place…I didn’t know the King of Darkness would go like this. Instead of [considering] everyone’s memories, I have many memories [with him] which is why I’m overwhelmed…I will stop now…I will apologize… I am truly sorry.

Politician Moon Jae InEvery morning I searched to see if Shin Hae Chul has woken up. I, along with many other people, are praying with all sincerity that he recovers and wakes up. The recently released ’s [lyrics] “please do not hurt” comes to mind. I hope you gather strength as you listen to this song. (NOTE: posted a few hours before news of Shin Hae Chul’s passing)

Verbal JintSad News. One day you’re here and the next day you’re gone RIP Shin Hae Chul. Rest In Peace.

Dynamic Duo GaekoShin Hae Chul sunbaenim..Rest in peace

Southern Star Entertainment Rest in peace…..
“A freshwater eel’s dream” this song will resonate in my funeral and the lyrics will be on my epitaph- 2010.6. Shin Hae Chul

Mayor of Seoul Park Won SoonAlways thought that the King Of Darkness will be by our side, and now his empty spot will feel bigger as time goes on. Mr. Shin Haechul, I was happy being your fan. I shall remember you. Rest in peace.

CNBLUE JonghyunRest in peace..

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