ASTRO’s JinJin Has Allegedly Been Exposed For Having A Girlfriend

He is being accused of having a girlfriend, and a fansite posts the alleged “reciepts”.

Recently, one popular fansite of ASTRO‘s JinJin has announced that she was closing, and posted a tweet explaining why. In said tweet, she accuses the male idol of having a girlfriend.

When I asked for a nickname this year and you wrote one down without hesitation, who would have thought it was the name of your girlfriend’s cat? Just what were you thinking while looking at the fans who found the name cute, saying it suited you and that they liked it. Also, let’s refrain from wearing couple shoes during schedules.

She references when she went to an ASTRO fansign this year and asked JinJin if there was a nickname he’d like to be called in 2019.

I asked Jinwoo (t/n: JinJin’s real name) if there was a nickname we can call him this 2019 and he said “Ddaenggeul JinJin” (t/n: round/soft JinJin). Ddaengeul… Ddaengeul… Jinwoo is sharp but seeing him say this himself is adorable. Ddaengeul Jinwoo, fighting this year too.

Someone then found the girlfriend’s Instagram account and saw a photo of the cat and asked the name, and she confirmed the cat’s name was Ddaengeul.

A: Is it Ddonggeul?
G: It’s Ddangeul.

People were then able to dig out couple accessories and clothes that allegedly prove that the idol is dating.

They found couple bracelets.

As well as couple shoes, which the fansite referenced above.

The alleged girlfriend also posted photos of her boyfriend hugging the cat and people believe it’s JinJin due to how similar their faces were and the fact that JinJin does have that hat and shirt.

After these rumors went viral, “JinJin girlfriend” trended on Twitter Korea at #13.

There has been no statement made by JinJin, ASTRO, or Fantagio Entertainment as of now and it is unconfirmed if JinJin does have a girlfriend.

While there are many fans upset with the news, there are fans who believe he should be able to date whoever he wants to date. Many fans agree that he should not have made it obvious, however, and that he shouldn’t have left hints that he was seeing someone. Some netizens have said that if he wanted to date, he should have admitted it cooly instead of dropping hints that could hurt their fans.

Source: Pann