[★TRENDING] BEAST, BTS and GOT7 face Visa issues and cannot perform as full groups for Golden Disk Awards

Unfortunately, BTS and GOT7 are likely to attend and perform at the 29th Golden Disk Awards in Beijing, China without full group attendance. On the other hand, BEAST will not perform but will make an appearance at the awards show.

GOT7 will perform with five members, as Bambam and Yugyeom were facing Visa issues. BTS will perform with six members without Jungkook.

Four out of six members from BEAST also experienced Visa problems, although the four members were not named. As only two members are left to perform, it has been decided that BEAST will be able to attend and receive awards in the show, but would not be performing.

BEAST and GOT7 were supposed to attend the awards show on January 14th, while BTS on the 15th.

All three groups faced similar issues, as the members were not given or were incorrectly issued with tourist Visas, instead of performing Visas, by the organizer’s operations team.

Ilkan Sports, who is in charge of the Golden Disk Awards, confirmed the news and apologized through a post on their official Facebook account.

Not long after the news spread, BEAST’s Yang Yoseob dedicated a special post regarding this matter through his personal Twitter account. He apologized, “All six members will attend the Golden Disk. Because of the performing Visa problem, the situation has become difficult and BEAST will not be able to perform. I would like to apologize once again to the many fans who have been waiting and looking forward to us for a long time. Especially to the Chinese fans, our performance in China was cancelled last time as well, so you must be disappointed even more. We will work hard to repay you all with a better performance in future. My apologies.


Earlier on, Cube Entertainment expressed, “The four left the country (Korea) with their annexed visas. We speculate that there was an issue during the process of their passport renewal. We have written a request to perform at the concert from the Ministry of Culture, but currently the status of whether or not we will be able to perform is uncertain and we may have to make arrangements.

JYP Entertainment apologized to fans, “We are very sorry to all the fans who were looking forward and waiting to cheer and see the faces of GOT7.

Big Hit Entertainment also expressed earlier on behalf of BTS, “We speculate that it was just a mere mistake by the on-site Chinese organization where they omitted us out. We will be confirming which members will be performing depending on the situation. It may be all 7 members or it may just be 6. We believe that everything will be figured out soon.

The Golden Disk Awards committee had announced their artist line-up for the awards show, following the revealing of nominees back on December 2nd.

The MCs appointed for the show include Kim Jong Kook, miss A’s Fei, Kim Sung Woo, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Jun Hyun Moo, and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany.

The 29th Golden Disk Awards will span over two days and be held on January 14th and 15th.


Source: Dispatch