A British Cartoonist Drew A Comic Strip About BTS Jimin And It Will Make You Squeal

His comic is adorable and relatable.

Hector Janse van Rensburg is a famous watercolor illustrator from the UK, recently shared a comic strip he made to his Twitter account. Quick-eyed ARMYs were able to spot who the little character in the comic was.

It’s BTS‘s Jimin!

The artist is famous for his interpretation of classic work and within the K-Pop community, as a huge ARMY! He has made numerous comic strips concerning the different members of the boy group.

The artist was inspired by Jimin during BTS’s performance in Wembley Stadium in London. He is seen with one hand in the air, asking the fans to scream for him. It must have caught the eye of the artist and drew him, making sure to catch Jimin’s witty aura and perfectly expressing how attacked ARMYs feel by Jimin. It’s pretty accurate, huh?

Source: Naver