BTS Jin’s Shoulders Are So Broad That Even His Outfits Scream To Agree

Don’t you just wish you could lean on those shoulders?

We all know that BTS’s Jin is not just known for being ‘worldwide handsome’, but also for his broad shoulders. There have been many instances where his clothes seemed just a bit too tight and uncomfortable for him, proving that he really does have broad shoulders.



In this photo, we can see that the Dior suit is a tad bit too small as it bunches up around his shoulders.




And again here, it is obvious that the jacket is too small for him.




Here Jin is smiling and looking cute regardless of his tight jacket.




This back photo really shows off just how broad his shoulders really are.




You can clearly see here that the seams of the jacket are not where his shoulders should be.




In this cute selfie, fans found stitch marks on his shirt that show that it may have been altered to fit his frame.




Here is a closer shot at his shoulders.




Even Jungkook loves Jin hyung’s shoulders!





It’s crazy how he has such broad and manly shoulders for such a cute and handsome face.




His broad shoulders can be noticed regardless of what he is wearing.




How can fans not love Jin?




His shoulders just stand out.





He can pull off any look whether it be cute or sexy.




Mr. Worldwide Handsome has got it all: Looks, Personality, and Talent.