BTS’s V Is All Over Johnny Stimson’s Instagram, Turning Fans Hopeful For A Collab

This kind of interaction is literally “So. Good.”

On December 14, 2019, BTS‘s V played a bit of “So. Good.” by Johnny Stimson during his live broadcast — as a way of sharing with ARMYs what kind of music he is listening to these days.


And as V sang along to the track, ARMYs flooded over to Johnny Stimson’s YouTube channel and celebrated their discovery of a groovy one:


Soon, Johnny Stimson also found out he had been introduced to ARMYs and posted a clip of V humming along to “So. Good.” on Instagram:

so crazy taehyung from @bts.bighitofficial singing along with so. good. on his vlive yesterday!! thanks for sharing bro!! haha hope we can sing together in real life sometime?? 😊😊

— Johnny Stimson


And with Johnny Stimson’s suggestion, “to sing together in real life sometime”, leaving all music fans on a hopeful note…


ARMYs definitely look forward to groovy x groovy.

Listen to Johnny Stimson’s “So. Good.” here: