BTS’s V Is Stunning At The VIP Screening Of “The Divine Fury”

He took everyone’s breath away.

BTS‘s V was seen at the VIP screening of “The Divine Fury”, supporting his friend Park Seo Jun, last July 30, 2019. The movie will premiere in South Korea on the 31st.

V is known to be best friends with Park Seo Jun, so it’s no surprise he came to support his buddy! He is also friends with Choi Woo Sik, who is also acting in the movie. He make sure to show of his support for Park Seo Jun, proudly saying,

Park Seojun, fighting!

Fans are touched with how he supports his friend and are also in awe with how handsome he is. Despite his simple style, people are saying that V definitely stands out from the crowd and that he looks flawless even in reporter’s photos of him.

His handsome face makes his outfit look better.

– Korean Netizen

His face is receiving love once again, with fans pointing out the twinkle in his eyes being a charming point, with one netizen joking that the can slip off his nose since it’s so high!

One thing is for sure – BTS’s V is not only a visual, but a kindhearted friend.

Source: TheQoo