Choi Koon responds to recent Girl’s Day controversy

On July 8th, Choi Koon responded to the Girl’s Day controversy and explained what happened at the scene.

Choi Koon stated: “Yesterday’s shooting was fun and we didn’t have any problems. I heard a lot of things after the broadcast and when I looked again I realized there were a lot of things that could be misunderstood. This is why I’m letting everyone know. Yesterday I wanted a little more personal and internet-broadcast-like episode. Every time girl groups go on a show, it becomes very standard so I wanted to apply some realism to the show. I created some situations in order to increase the interest in the show. I was watching the chat but I failed to catch what was happening and failed to react. As you can see from the pictures with Girl’s Day members after the show we had a really good time. The girls were worried that ‘did we do it too casually’ and we even talked on the phone. The girls were not rude to me, they were actually being fun and open unlike most celebrities. I hope there are no more misunderstandings and people are able to see the truth.”

Following Girl’s Day recent appearance on his Afreeca TV channel, the members stirred up a controversial topic after some viewers commented that the group seemed bored or disinterested during the filming.

Some netizens still did not seem to believe the statement:

[+ 4256, – 288] It wasn’t being open and casual but their actual personalities ㅋㅋㅋ she was looking annoyed for 1 hour on purpose? What a genius actress~!

[+ 3671, – 230] Looks like this is just an excuse now it’s being a giant issue…I felt very uncomfortable watching

[+ 3510, – 184] I felt like something was going wrong. If some one is talking to you you need to respond do you know how rude it is to ignore them..I feel like this is their real personality..Yura was the only one normal.

Source: TV Report