Daniel Henney sits down for an interview for “Big Hero 6”

Daniel Henney gives fans a behind the scenes take at the upcoming animated movie “Big Hero 6” as he answers some questions in an interview.

As previously reported, Daniel Henney voices the character Tadashi, the protagonist’s brother in animated film “Big Hero 6”. Daniel Henney shares his thoughts about Tadashi’s character as well as the relationship he has with Hiro, the younger brother. The star then goes to discuss the significance of Baymax, the adorable personal health assistant in the film.

Daniel Henney, Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung, and more contribute their voice acting skills to this moving animated film. The stars recently appeared at a press event in Los Angeles, heightening anticipation for “Big Hero 6”.

The movie is described as a cross-genre animation including aspects of action, drama, and comedy in its touching story. The story traces the brothers and their group of friends as they save San Fransokyo from a dangerous plot. A collaboration between Marvel characters and Disney animation, the movie was premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival and will hit theaters on November 7th.

Check out his interview below:

Source: Daniel Henney Official Facebook and Wall Street Journal

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