EXID scheduled for a hot August comeback

After wrapping up their promotions for “Ah Yeah” two weeks ago, EXID has quickly announced plans for an August comeback, joining the wave of summer comebacks.

The group members revealed that they have only recently received their first profits with their belated success three years after their debut with their recent hit tracks “Up&Down” and “Ah Yeah.” The girl group achieved more than ten music show wins with those two songs, hence attracting attention for their upcoming song already.

According to staff at Yedang Entertainment, “After ending activities for ‘Ah Yeah,’ there are plans for EXID to make a comeback in August. With ‘Up & Down’ and ‘Ah Yeah,’ they received much interest from fans, so in order to repay them, they will be coming back with cooler songs. EXID will release new song(s) in August and meet fans once again through activities.”

Meanwhile, sub-unit Dasoni consisting of Solji and Hani has been teasing fans as well.