EXO-M Lay to debut as an actor in China

EXO-M‘s Lay will be making his big screen debut in China as he is cast in the lead role for the upcoming movie Oh My God!

Through his Weibo account on March 18th, EXO-M’s Lay updated fans with exciting news that he was confirmed to participate in the upcoming Chinese movie Oh My God (Cong Tian Er Jiang (从天儿降)). To further confirm the announcement, an official from SM Entertainment also said, “Lay was cast as the lead role for the movie ‘Oh My God‘.”

Oh My God will be directed by renowned director Leste Chen, who also worked on movies The Great Hypnotist and 20 Once Again. Bringing more excitement to the table, this will be the third movie that actress Zhang Ziyi, internationally known for her roles in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, and House of Flying Dragons, will be producing; Zhang Ziyi will also have a cameo in the upcoming movie.

As a couple starts out their journey with their prayers being answered as a baby falls from the sky, Oh My God is a sci-fi romantic comedy revolving around a couple who is desperate to conceive a child. Others cast alongside Lay are Cheney Chen (Chen Xudong), who trained under Cube Entertainment and starred in the movie Tiny Times, and actress Jacqueline Li (Li Xiaolu) from the recent movie Forbidden Kiss.

Source: TV Report and Star News