EXO’s “OBSESSION” Practice Took A Hilariously Chaotic Turn With Some Headstands And Butt Biting

Chanyeol took advantage of the headstands to cause some mischief:

With their comeback set for November 27, EXO have been teasing EXO-Ls with all sorts of goodies including a brand new logo and plenty of teasers to get the theories flowing. They also recently teased fans with a preview of their OBSESSION comeback with a practice video.


But EXO being EXO, this wasn’t any ordinary practice video. It was pure hilarious chaos! On the one hand, EXO did give everyone a jaw-dropping look into their dangerous dance moves for this comeback…


And on the other, well, it was pure EXO fun! Although the video was supposed to highlight EXO’s dance practice, EXO weren’t just practicing their dance moves — they were practicing their headstand skills too!


As they took turns attempting the acrobatic feat, things got more and more chaotic!


Especially when Chanyeol had everyone cracking up as he took the opportunity to bite Chen and their choreographer Mihawk‘s butt!


With all of their hilarious antics, EXO-Ls have been absolutely loving the practice video and can’t help cracking up at all the mischief they got into in the video.


EXO, meanwhile, will be coming back with their sixth full album OBSESSION which will include 10 tracks with a variety of genres on November 27. You can check out the newly released concept trailer for the comeback below: