Fans Are Freaking Out Over How Gorgeous IZ*ONE’s Sakura Looks In These Photos

Her beauty will make your jaw drop.

IZ*ONE‘s Sakura recently shared photos of her enjoying a day out in the park. She is seen in a body-con dress and sporting extensions, and fans can’t get over how absolutely gorgeous she looks.

WIZ*ONEs can’t help but admire her tiny waist, noting how slim she looked despite the tight dress. Many admired her small face and her big eyes, saying that she looks like a goddess.

She looks like a fairy in the park.

– Korean Netizen

Many are shocked over her beauty, stating that she’s only gotten prettier since the day she was first introduced to the Korean public in Produce 48. Some fans have joked that it’s the effect of “Korean air”!

One thing is for sure, and that’s that Sakura is definitely getting more beautiful as the days go on!

Source: The Qoo