[★VIDEO] G-Dragon shares his fondness towards Choo Sarang

G-Dragon continues to express his fondness towards Choo Sarang as he updated his personal Instagram account with a video of Choo Sung Hoon’s adorable daughter. 

On July 2nd, G-Dragon posted a video snippet of Superman is Back’s latest episode where it features Choo Sung Hoon and Sarang in their little camping trip. The audience, along with G-Dragon, were entertainment with Sarang’s enthusiastic dance routine while BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” plays in the background.

G-Dragon posted this snippet along with the caption, “Sa Rang, the best! #FantasticBaby.” 

Popular for her cute and playful antics, Choo Sarang is also known to be a big fan of G-Dragon whom she previously confessed as her favourite artist.

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