Haru promotes Epik High’s “Born Hater” on Instagram

Haru’s Instagram posted a picture in support of “Born Hater”, the newest track from her father’s group, Epik High. The song was released onto YouTube on October 18th. 

If you haven’t been convinced that Tablo and Haru are the cutest father-daughter duo in all of Korea yet, today might be the day you finally believe it. A couple days after showing her support for Epik High’s new album, Haru uploaded this picture urging her fans to support her father and his fellow Epik High members. Haru’s Instagram is one of the most adorable things ever, and although it might be managed by her father, the contents of the messages are definitely inspired by the 5-year old.


I have to wait 15 years to watch daddy’s new video…ㅠㅠ #epikhigh

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Haru might have to wait a couple of years (maybe a little more than that!) to be able to watch her father’s newest music video, but you can (and should) check it out right now! You can see more of Haru and Tablo cuteness on KBS’s hit variety show, “Superman is Back”.

Source: Instagram