Here’s 23 Times BTS Showed Off Their Tongue Technology

Who does this pose the best?

BTS is known for some crazy signature expressions during their charismatic stage performances and licking lips and sticking out their tongues seems to be an ongoing trend for them. From cute to sexy, these boys can go from young boy to grown men in a matter of seconds.


Sticking out his tongue seems to be a habit of V‘s as he’s seen doing this the most often.


Jungkook can waver between cute and sexy when he sticks out his tongue.


Jin seems to go from cute college boy to sexy grown ass man the most with this expression.


Jimin can make any expression turn sexy any day, any time.


Bad-ass Suga be spitting out bars with his tongue technology.


Our ray of sunshine J-Hope can transform into sexy businessman with this look.


Our charismatic leader RM always turns out too cute whenever he sticks his tongue out.

Who’s your favorite member to do this expression?