Hitmaker’s Cham So Nyeo (G.NA, Sohyun, Lizzy, Youngji) take the stage at “Show Champion”

Variety show Hitmaker‘s girl group, Cham So Nyeo took a photo backstage as they prepared for their debut stage on MBC‘s Show Champion.

In the photo, the four members of Cham So Nyeo posed cutely in pastel colors and big bows as they prepared for their first stage with their debut single “Magic Words” which was released last week.

After their first project group Big Byung, MC and Producers Brave Double Tiger (Jung Hyung Don and Defconn) created their second group and Big Byung’s sister group Cham So Nyeo consisting of G.NA4MINUTE‘s Kwon Sohyun, After School‘s Lizzy, and KARA‘s newest member Youngji.

The four girls have showcased their bright smiles and sweet charms on the show as they worked hard to prepare for their debut stage.

Recently, both project groups guest starred on Defconn and Jung Hyungdon’s music variety show, Weekly Idol, where it was revealed that maknae Youngji and Big Byung’s Jackson had feelings for each other at one point, much to the delight of fans.

Show Champion airs Wednesdays at 6:30PM KST every week on MBC.