K-ARMYs Held A Jungkook-less Jungkook Event And Made Everyone Else Jealous

Take a look inside the Kookie Factory.

In Korea, ARMYs created something called Kookoodang, the Kookie Factory. This BTS Jungkook-biased “factory” recently held Jungkook’s fan meeting without Jungkook — a Jungkookless Jungkook Fan Meeting — and it’s making everyone who couldn’t go scream with envy over the amount of pure passion and love that went into the event!


This fictional Jungkook-themed utopia came to life in K-ARMYs’ hopes to share happiness with Jungkook.

Open Story: The Kookie Factory opened because Jungkook wanted a happy place. Jungkook didn’t like how sometimes happiness comes and goes so quickly. So Jungkook created happiness capsules, to capture moments of happiness forever. The yellow capsules contained memories of good food he ate. The red capsules contained memories of fun games he played. And the green capsules contained memories of awesome workouts he did to keep himself healthy. Jungkook thought producing a lot of these happiness capsules will keep him happy, but it didn’t. Looking at the endless amount of capsules being made, Jungkook began thinking. Being happy by myself isn’t happiness at all. I want to share these happy moments with everyone! And so, to split his happiness with everyone else, he decided to open the Kookie Factory and make capsules to share. Come to the Kookie Factory and check out Jungkook’s moments of happiness!

— The Kookie Factory


The talented and passionate ARMY, by the Twitter handle of @kookoodang, began preparing the event for over six months.


And on December 21, 2019, the Kookie Factory held its first ever event, in cooperation with other ARMYs. According to those who attended the event, over 1,300 K-ARMYs showed up to try their luck at getting in!


There were booths…


… for grabbing some Jungkook goods…


… and there were photo exhibitions…


… of all glorious past Jungkooks…


… but the “main event” was the Kookie Factory’s leader election, where ARMYs got to cast votes among five Jungkooks: Hawaii JK, Giant Baby JK, Twerking JK, Smart JK, and Sleepy JK.


All in all, thanks to @kookoodang, K-ARMYs got to come together to celebrate Jungkook, make new friends, drop all their UWUs — and most importantly, share happiness as Jungkook would have wanted!


Post the most Jungkook-filled Jungkook-less event, @kookoodang announce the closing of the Kookie Factory.

Hello, this is @kookoodang. Thank you for your love and support over the past 6 months as I put together the Kookie Factory. I began this project because I wanted to do what Jungkook likes to do. I hope the Kookie Factory was successful in delivering the happiness capsules and making Jungkook and ARMYs happy. I am also grateful for the cooperating admins, booth sellers, and onsite staff members who helped run the Kookie Factory. Thank you. I love you all. The Kookie Factory CLOSED.

— Twitter @kookoodang


ARMYs, however, are desperately hoping for season 2, 3, and many more!

This is amazing. It must have been a huge success. PLEASE OPEN AGAIN NEXT YEAR!!!

— Hopeful ARMY

Source: THEQOO