Luhan joins hands with David Tao in MV for “Please Come To The Great Wall To Ski”

The music video featuring Luhan and David Tao in China’s application for the 2022 Winter Olympics has been revealed in full!

The two of them collaborated for a duet, “Please Come To The Great Wall To Ski,” as the Great Wall of China is featured as one of the seven wonders of the world. With a fast beat, the song is easy to follow as it repeats the track’s title and highlights the invitation of bringing the grand event to China.

The music video captured the recording process of Luhan and David Tao in the studio, with them showing great chemistry while the senior singer gave guidance to Luhan. Previously, official photos taken of the two singers have also been revealed.

Back in 2008, former Super Junior Chinese member Hangeng was also in a similar situation as he had lent his voice for the Beijing Olympics in “Beijing Welcomes You” theme song.