MC Mong to refrain from promoting on music shows

Despite getting mixed responses with the release of his recent album, it has been confirmed that MC Mong will not be appearing in any music programs. 

MC Mong has received much criticisms for his comeback album MISS ME OR DISS ME, the first album released in five years following the controversy regarding serving in the military. Although MC Mong has been lining up his comeback tracks on various music charts, no signs of his comeback is to be found on KBS and MBC’s music shows.

As of November 10th, SBS has lifted banning MC Mong from TV appearances, but MBC and KBS are still adamant on their stance that MC Mong will not be allowed to appear on their broadcasting shows.

MC Mong’s agent stated that the singer has no plans on making TV appearances for his comeback nor did he attempt to make an appeal against KBS and MBC’s decisions.

The Big 3 broadcasting stations in Korea, including, KBS, MBC, and SBS, usually ban celebrities who are convicted from making public appearances. Although there are no definite duration on these bans, the stations usually lift them when the general public seems willing to forgive or forget the faults of the artists.

Source: Sports dongA