Korean netizens grab their pitchforks in opposition of MC Mong’s comeback

While many have celebrated the long awaited return of MC Mong to the entertainment industry, some netizens have shown their disagreement and discontent towards his comeback.

Many Korean netizens have grouped together in a mission to take MC Mong off the charts, which he has been dominating with his multiple tracks completely taking over the TOP10 spots on real-time charts of all online music sites.

On November 3rd at 11:30am KST, netizens briefly succeeded in driving MC Mong out of first place on Korean search engines sites such as Naver and Daum, and allowing a military track called “The Torch Against Communism” take 1st place on sites such as MelOn.

Many people who were not aware of this action against MC Mong are once again in awe at the power and brutality of Korean netizens, who have previously shown their discord with other artists such as Haha and Baek Ji Young on their words of praise towards the rapper.

Source: Herald Corp