The Members Of TWICE With The Most Female Fans Versus The Ones With The Most Male Fans

Which TWICE members have the most male and female fans?

Netizens have discovered which TWICE members have the most female fans and which members have the most male fans. After comparing the solo fanbases of all nine members, netizens have lowered it down to two for each.

The members with the most female fans are Nayeon

… and Mina!

Many say that Nayeon’s visual and skills attract both male and female fans, but it appears she has more female fans. Some female netizens agreed to this, stating that their bias was either one or the other.

The members with the most male fans are Jeongyeon…

… and Dahyun!

Many agree with this as well, especially with Dahyun. Some netizens have stated that most men are in love with Dahyun’s tofu-white skin and that she has the face that most Korean men like.

Either way, every member of TWICE are huge bias-wreckers!

Source: The Qoo