Model Park Sung Jin’s “psychopath” post on Instagram sparks controversy

Netizens have been showing a rather surprising reaction to Park Sung Jin and his recent Instagram post where he called two individual women “psychopaths” for taking up too much unnecessary space at crowded cafes.

On November 11th, model Park Sung Jin posted a photo onto his Instagram account of a cafe in which he was dining in, aiming his camera towards two individual women who were sitting at tables meant for a party of three to four people.

The shocking caption that came along with the model’s photo read, “Please, if you come alone, to a cafe or restaurant, let’s use the tables that were meant for 1-2 people. Look at these psychopaths that can’t even see that others have to suffer because of them.

Subsequently, after the photo and caption began going viral, the model left a long apology post and explanation, “At the time, many people who came in groups larger than 2 people were constantly wandering around the place looking for tables to sit at. Getting a little frustrated and riled up, I asked them [the two people in the photo] why they were sitting at tables meant for large groups. I tried to stand up for the right, but all I got in return was complete silence.

The model’s explanation continued as he apologized, “At that time, I got extremely angry and called the two individuals ‘psychopaths’ and I feel genuinely apologetic towards them. To those two women, I am extremely sorry.

However, Park Sung Jin wanted to make justice with his opinions by adding, “Personally, I think that if an individual goes to a restaurant or cafe when there aren’t many people inside, it’s okay to use the larger tables. However, my opinion does not change on individuals taking up those large tables during an extremely busy and crowded time. I just think it’s wrong. I feel like everyone is only focused on the fact that I took a picture and called the two people psychopaths, but I truly hope that people will start becoming aware of those certain inconsiderate people who always try to take up the big tables when it’s clear that there are other larger groups waiting for seats.

Despite the model’s distasteful use of the term “psychopath” against two people, a surprising amount of netizens have agreed with the model’s opinion, leaving top-voted comments such as, “Maybe calling them psychopaths was a bit too extreme, but I completely agree with his opinion~ It’s a complete nuisance to others and the owners when one person uses up a 4-person table. If you have some common sense, move over~” “I guess he doesn’t know what psychopath means, but still I agree,” “Rather than psychopaths, they’re sociopaths,” and, “Although he expressed his opinion in a really harsh and extreme manner, he still made a valid point.”

Park Sung Jin recently hosted On Style‘s Unstyle as one of the most popular, professional fashion models in the industry. The model soon deleted the controversial photo off of his Instagram account after announcing his apologies and explanations on the 12th.

Source: My Daily