MYK’s new single “You’re Perfect” to feature Park Shin Hye

On February 2nd, MYK revealed that the mysterious artist who he will be collaborating with on his upcoming track is none other than Park Shin Hye.

MYK and good friend Tablo recently shared that the new track “You’re Perfect,” was a joint work with MYK composing the song and Tablo penning in lyrics. That announcement teased that the track would feature a third mystery artist.

The addition of Park Shin Hye to this collaboration is set to generate much fan excitement. Park Shin Hye’s soft vocals combined with MYK’s gentle sound are expected to create a tune that listeners will enjoy. In the photo, the three show off their friendly expressions as they huddle close for a shot from what appears to be the recording studio.

The song will be unveiled on February 4th.

Check out their adorable photo together below: