[★TRENDING] Nescafé covers Lee Byung Hun on original packaging with Suzy stickers

Photos of Lotte Nestle Korea’s coffee product Nescafé are going viral as they show miss A Suzy’s sticker covering actor Lee Byun Hun’s photo on the original packaging.

Lee Byung Hun has been the face of Nescafé since late 2012. However, due to his recent blackmailing case, Suzy was selected as the new model for the product back in October 2014.

However, despite the official selection of a new model, the company has been criticized for doing a poor job with the transition, as the original packaging was simply replaced by stickers.

On December 2nd, Nescafé explained, “After Lee Byung Hun’s case, we resorted to placing Suzy’s stickers on the already-produced goods that have been distributed. Our recently-produced packages are distributed with Suzy’s image on the packaging.

Upon hearing the explanation, netizens continued to criticize the decision, especially as some of Suzy’s stickers did not cover Lee Byung Hun fully or at all on the packages, showing carelessness on the company’s end.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang