Netizens call Henry perverted after he kisses Yewon’s thighs in WGM

In the latest episode of We Got Married 4, Henry-Yewon couple were shown to be getting even closer despite the great deal of skinship the two have already shared.

During their broadcast this week, Henry played a close and intimate game of basketball with Yewon, sitting her on his shoulders so that she could make a basket. However, what caught fans’ attention was the interesting kiss during their game.

While Yewon was seated on Henry’s shoulders, the Super Junior-M member turned his head and kissed Yewon on her thigh, eliciting mixed reviews from netizens as some thought it cute while others felt it crossed the line.

Henry Yewon

Many comments echoed the sentiment saying that this gave Henry a bad image which reflected poorly on the couple due to the outburst scandal between Lee Tae Im and Yewon earlier this year.

Have you been keeping up with the couple? What did you think of their close moment?

1. [+ 1099, –  37] Why does he seem so perverted….maybe it’s just me…

2. [+ 1057, – 58] The hell are these two idiots doing…

3. [+ 835, – 28] Is Henry a kiss addict every time something happens it’s kiss kiss kiss.

Source: Stoo Asia