[★TRENDING] Netizens rush to defend Won Bin and Lee Na Young again regarding pregnancy rumors

As many Korean journalists continue to blatantly attack and invade the newlywed couple Won Bin and Lee Na Young through news articles regarding their recent secret marriage and pregnancy rumors, netizens are quick to rush to their defense for a second time.

On May 1st, a representative of Eden Nine, both Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s entertainment agency, stated to Ilgan Sports, “We have heard a lot of rumors going around about premarital pregnancy [on behalf of Won Bin and Lee Na Young]. However, what we stated on the 30th is the exact same answer we can give right now.

The said information that was released by Eden Nine on the 30th was in response to a journalist’s question regarding the couple’s plans on having children, saying, “Won Bin and Lee Na Young both dream of creating a happy family with adorable children. We are hoping that news of their first child will come soon after their marriage, but that is something that’s up to the Heavens to grant us.

Many journalists have been continuing to release new articles regarding the newlywed couple, but rather than the contents of the articles being fact, most seem to be opinionated articles on how the two stars have “lied to the public” and “are being suspicious of their actions.

These journalists are claiming that 10 days prior to the big outbreak of the wedding news, an insider had “leaked and foreshadowed” that Won Bin and Lee Na Young were preparing to get married, and that it just seems too suspicious that the couple would deny these marriage rumors and then suddenly get married just 10 days later.

Some reporters even stated, “I never really took their denial at face value, but completely going against their word in 10 days is a bit too much.”

Netizens, on the other hand, have been quick to support the couple’s decision of wanting to keep their wedding under the radar, leaving comments of disapproval towards the reporters and journalists who have been invading the newlywed’s privacy.

Check out some of the highest-voted comments regarding this issue below:

1. [+905, -22] These idiot reporters are doing everything they can to get revenge because they’re upset Won Bin and Lee Na Young kept their marriage a secret. Even if they did get pregnant before marriage or not, who cares? Both of them are old enough, so who are you to try to intrude on their lives?

2. [+870, -45] Lee Na Young is getting pretty old now… so isn’t it better for them to be rushing to get pregnant?

3. [+682, -24] I was waiting for an article like this to come out. It seems like the couple, themselves, wanted to keep this marriage quiet, so why can’t you just leave them alone? You garbage reporters? For how many more days are you going to keep trending Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s marriage?

Source: Ilgan Sports

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