Netizens shower BTOB with praise following “It’s Okay” release

After releasing a powerful ballad for their summer comeback track, “It’s Okay,” BTOB has been the subject of much praise for their inspiring track. 

Not long after BTOB released the music video for their title track “It’s Okay” from their first ever full-length album Complete, the group took over the #1 spot on 8/10 online music charts as listeners found themselves playing the song non-stop.

Netizens have praised the group for taking up the challenge and producing a touching, yet sorrowful song that brings hope to those who are down, despite the bubbly, summer songs they’re competing against.

[+1,055, -26] Their song’s the best, daebak good ♥

[+1,004, -22] Amazing live… I really hope they win #1

[+871, -20] Song sounds really good

[+177, -6] I’m getting ready for employment… and I was really depressed yesterday and today and their song has consoled me a lot… actually made me choke up ㅋ Their music video with the story about the couple where the boyfriend is preparing for employment really hit home for me ㅋㅋ

[+173, -6] Skill wise, BtoB’s above idol level..

[+155, -4] They’re good at live… daebak

[+145, -5] Their album is truly ‘complete’, just like its name.. You’ve come a long way the past four years… this is your real start now!

[+139, -5] Amazing live, true singers. Let’s win #1 for sure!

Source: X Sports News