Produce X 101 Contestant Park Yuri Posts On Instagram And Netizens Are Not Happy

He quickly deleted the post.

Recently, Produce X 101 contestant and ESteem Entertainment model and trainee Park Yuri posted this post to his Instagram.

Today, I screwed up. I really suffered.

He quickly deleted the post, but responses have not been positive.

Netizens believe he deliberately posted the photo with that caption to gain sympathy and to get people to vote for him. Many are saying that the episode with his position evaluation performance has yet to be aired so he should have kept quiet. Some have even said that he should just stick to modeling.

Mnet has also stated that the use of social media while on the show is not permitted, which makes people wonder if he broke the rules or if the eliminations had been filmed and he got eliminated.

Some have come to defend Park Yuri, however, saying that they don’t think he deserves such harsh criticism and that he was probably feeling bad and apologetic towards his fans.

Park Yuri was caught in a bullying scandal during the earlier episode of Produce X 101. He was also under fire for talking about his sexual life pre-debut.

Source: TheQoo