San E, Verbal Jint, and Brian McKnight to collaborate for “Rainstorm by Rainstone”

Brand New Music released a teaser today that reveals a collaboration project for what may be a track titled “Rainstorm by Rainstone”, between San E, Verbal Jint, and American singer-songwriter Brian McKnight.

In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Brian McKnight is also a producer and an R&B legend with 16 Grammy nominations with one of the most recognizable falsettos in the industry. He has a singing career of over 20 years. As of late, the American singer has been taken to producing music, but it looks like he is returning as a singer alongside San E and Verbal Jint.

Brand New Music’s tweet seems to be a confirmation that Brian McKnight will be featured on a new track by JYP Entertainment U.S’ Senior Vice President and producer, Rainstone.

In addition, Brand New Music captioned the photo with the date “10.28.14”.

Recently, Verbal Jint was featured on Epik High‘s new album Shoebox, which has been dominating charts with all twelve of its tracks since its release on October 21st, while San E produced and was featured on Miss $ Kang Minhee latest single that was released on October 22nd.