[★VIDEO] Seulong isn’t giving up on music as he updates from the recording studio

2AM member Seulong has moved from JYP Entertainment to SidusHQ to focus on his acting career, but recent updates from the celebrity himself show that he isn’t giving up on music!

Captioned with “Live after a long time. Cool. Live for the first time,” the new video uploaded onto Seulong’s personal Instagram account shows a short snippet of what could possibly be his new working space for making music. Equipped with a Mac laptop, speakers, and a recording studio mic, it seems possible for fans to still be able to hear his singing voice in the future.

Meanwhile, Seulong has recently received numerous love calls for solo interviews with Korean news sites. Seulong also made a special appearance as a guest on Shim Hyun Bo‘s concert on April 10th as he had earlier featured in his “It’s Cold” track.

In other news, 2AM members has recently parted ways with Jokwon and Changmin still in JYP Entertainment, while Jinwoon joins Mystic Entertainment. Though the members are separated, the agency and members has assured fans that they are not disbanded and can come together at anytime.