SEVENTEEN releases mysterious teaser for possible new release

Fans of the mega rookie group SEVENTEEN are going crazy after a mysterious teaser was posted to the group’s SNS accounts.

On July 10th, a photo was posted that featured a futuristic, distorted outline of six Lotto balls with the words “Lotto 2015.07.11 0AM” featured under the image.

Fans have speculated that SEVENTEEN is planning on another comeback just six and a half weeks after their initial debut with “Adore U” on their 17 Carat mini album on May 26th. However, other fans believe that this may just be a simple music release or even a lotto fan event or SNS competition.

While Pledis Entertainment has yet to confirm any of these suspicions, SEVENTEEN’s fanbase has continued to grow with their debut music video reaching 2 million views in just over a month.