Shinhwa gives silly answer when asked why they omitted fierce choreography for new album

Seventeen year old veteran group Shinhwa has revealed the funny, yet unfortunate reason why the members opted out of having a “fierce” or “violent” choreography for their newest title track, “Sniper.”

On the February 22nd broadcast of MBC‘s Section TV, all six members of Shinhwa appeared on an interview segment to talk about their upcoming 12th album, WE.

When interviewer and show host Park Seul Gi asked the members what their main goals are for 2015 following their comeback, all six members responded by saying, “We hope to achieve #1 on all three of the main broadcasting stations,” listing MBC, SBS, and KBS as their main targets.

However, when Park Seul Gi further asked about details on the new album and why the group chose to go for a subtle, smoother choreography as opposed to the fierce, violent choreography they were once known for in the past, the members answered, “If we had shown the public a fierce choreography in the past to prove our sexiness and sensuality, now we are trying to show a more emotional type of choreography.

Of course we can add a few knee kicks and whatnot, but we are saving it. We now know how to control our greed and desires to show off those moves,” they continued saying, “Back then, there were risks of only getting injuries or wounds when we did tumbling.

But now we’re just scared we’re going to die when we tumble,” blurted Kim Dong Wan. However, Lee Min Woo fanned the laugh riot into bigger flames with his comment, “It’s not like we can send one of our members [to heaven] all because we wanted to tumble.

Shinhwa’s upcoming 12th album, WE, will be released on February 26th and the group is expected to start promoting their album performances on all three of the major broadcasting stations following the recent ban lift on member Andy by MBC.

Source: Top Star News