Shinhwa releases title track MV teaser, “Sniper”

Ahead of their scheduled album release, legendary and first generation idol group Shinhwa has published their music video teaser for “Sniper.”

As a trendy and addicting whistle is heard, the camera slowly pans out backwards through various scenes, such as a kitchen stove on fire, a majestic horse statue in all its glory sitting on a stand, and more. A hip-hop tune begins weave its way, the members of Shinhwa finally appearing on video as they exhibit their cool personalities and charisma for all to see.

Shinhwa is celebrating their 17th debut year anniversary, and will be releasing their 11th album WE on February 26th, of which the pre-released track “MEMORY” was released prior. The group is expected to start their waves of comeback stage on all major broadcasting stations following the recently ban lift on Andy by MBC.