Sunny and GOT7’s Jackson team up as judges for “Star Junior Show”

Sunny of SM Entertainment’s Girls’ Generation shared a selca on on her instagram account with Jackson of JYP Entertainment’s GOT7  and fellow celebrity Lee Kyung Ku on the set of the Star Junior Show, as they were picked to represent their respective entertainment companies as judges for the show. 

Sunny is seen cutely sticking out her tongue while Lee Kyung Ku looks warmly at the camera and Jackson puts on a playful smirk for her Instagram followers. Sunny captioned the selfie, “We’ve successfully completed filming for Star Junior Show!! It feels different upon sitting in the judge’s panel as an SM representative!!!!! Kyu Entertainment’s ‘elder brother’ Lee Kyung Kyu and JYP’s Jackson~<3.

Sunny has been hosting her own ratio show Sunny’s FM Date and revealed recently that her mother has hopes for her to marry soon, this coming after she shared with fans that at one point she dated a celebrity. Seeing Jackson looking well is sure to relieve worried fans as he recently injured his ankle during MBC’s Idol Star Athletic Championship and was told to remain in a cast for a week.

Check out their close photo here: