Girls’ Generation’s Sunny admits to dating a fellow celebrity

On yesterday’s episode of SBS variety program Roommate aired on January 27th, Girls’ Generation member Sunny revealed that she had prior dating experience with a celebrity and shared her reflections on the relationship.

In the episode, comedian Lee Guk Joo kickstarted the topic, saying, “I have not dated a celebrity before. I want to be in a relationship with a celebrity,” then asking the other female cast members if they had dated an artist before.

Despite Lee Guk Joo’s statement, she had previously showed close relationship with Super-Junior M’s Henry, where the two shared a selca and Henry claimed that she was his girlfriend.

To Lee Guk Joo’s question, which fans might also be curious about, Sunny replied, “I did date a celebrity. I thought it would be easy since we were both artists, but it was not. It’s just different depending on each person. Due to busy schedules, we could only have messaging dates. It was difficult to develop it into a serious love relationship, so I have never maintained a relationship more than a year.

In the same episode, After School’s Nana also shared the most impressive gift she received from a boyfriend she dated, raising doubts if she was hinting references to rumored boyfriend Hong Jong Hyun, although both sides denied the rumors.

Roommate has recently been gaining much viewership, even ranking number one in terms of ratings.

SBS Roommate airs every Tuesday at 11:15PM KST.

Sunny on Roommate
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