TWICE’s Tzuyu Charms Fans With Her Sweet Smile At The Airport

She’s blooming!

Recently, TWICE was seen at Incheon Airport returning from Singapore after finishing their “TWICELIGHTS in SINGAPORE” concert. There, the girls will all smiles as they returned home, and one member who stood out is their lovely maknae, Tzuyu.

Known as TWICE’s official visuals, many are saying that she’s only getting prettier as the days go by. Some have stated that the more they look at her, the more they feel that she is nice and warm-hearted.

ONCEs hope that now Tzuyu and the rest of TWICE are in Korea, they can get the rest they deserve and that they will finally get some private time for themselves.

Tzuyu, I will cheer for you!

– Korean Netizen

Source: Naver