U-KISS’ Dongho Reveals The True Reason Why He Decided To Return To The K-Pop Industry

Despite initially declaring his retirement from the entertainment industry, former U-KISS member Dongho shares the most practical reason on his recent return. 

On July 13th, the singer and actor appeared on an episode of MBC’s Radio Star where he talked about the major changes in his life which includes his recent marriage and the birth of his son.

For the past year, Dongho has been battling a number of speculations after announcing his plans of marriage, along with news of his wife’s pregnancy, which made him one of the youngest idol celebrities to do so. The news initially shocked fans since he announced his retirement from the industry, including his departure from U-KISS back in 2013.

However, as the episode progressed, he boldly declared that he wishes to return to the industry for a very practicaly. When asked why, Dongho roused laughter onset when he stated that, “Baby milk and diapers are not affordable… I want to make a comeback.” 

Aside from looking after his newborn son and his wife, Dongho remains active in the industry as a DJ.

Image: “Radio Star” / OSEN

Source: OSEN