Wu Yifan (Kris) spotted wearing Jessica’s BLANC & ECLARE sunglasses

Wu Yifan was spotted wearing what seems like the sunglasses from Jessica‘s own brand on January 9th and 10th, while he was travelling around in China for his scheduled activities.

Wu Yifan took a flight from Beijing to Changsha for the filming of Chinese variety show Day Day Up (also known as Tian Tian Xiang Shang;天天向上), which took place on January 10th. The show had also previously invited other Korean celebrities including T-ARA and CNBLUE.

Fans who were at the airport to send him off and welcome him spotted the uncanny similarity between the airport accessory Wu Yifan was wearing and Jessica’s sunglasses. In fact, Wu Yifan is suspected to be wearing the black New York model from Jessica’s BLANC & ECLARE sunglasses brand.

Taking a closer look at Jessica’s sunglasses, there is a distinct uniqueness where there is a mathematical division sign under the letters “A” in the BLANC & ECLARE logo, while its products have the division sign at the side of the sunglasses as well.

Since its launch in Seoul, Jessica’s brand has earned more than ten million won of sales within four hours. Wu Yifan and Jessica was also seen sitting next to each other at the Sohu Fashion Awards in China in December.

Wu Yifan (Kris)
Photo: Jinnee婧子
Wu Yifan (Kris)
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Wu Yifan Kris
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Wu Yifan
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