Yoojoo shows the bruises she sustained from G-Friend’s slippery stage performance

Remember that tragic video where G-Friend fell multiple times due to slippery stage conditions? Yoojoo reveals the bruises she got from the incident! 

Making their first appearance on Weekly Idol, G-Friend recalled the time where they performed on stage despite its horrible conditions and fell multiple times because of it. Although the members continued performing “Me Gustas Tu” throughout, member Yoojoo suffered the most injury after falling over seven times. She also showed the bruises on her legs and knees as proof and was eventually praised by Jung Hyung Don and Defconn.

It can be recalled that the fancam that covered G-Friend’s slippery take performance during an outdoor concert went viral last month. The incident was eventually covered by various media sources while their track “Me Gustas Tu” reentered the chart.

Image: OSEN
Image: OSEN

Source: OSEN