Taiwanese Celeb Mickey Huang Tries To Take His Own Life After Facing A #MeToo Revelation About Sexually Harassing A Minor

While the victim’s #MeToo post didn’t mention his name, Mickey Huang admitted to it being about him.

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This article includes descriptions of sexual assault and suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Amid a wave of the #MeToo movement sweeping Taiwan, celebrity Mickey Huang has also been accused of sexually harassing a woman—a minor of 17 years at the time.

Mickey Huang | 8world

Zofia, a social media influencer, revealed via a detailed post on her Facebook that a well-known star pursued her and sexually harassed her. While the post never mentioned a name, the Taiwanese public connected the dots and assumed the post to be about Mickey Huang.

Zofia | @FaShiNanYoumetInTaiwan/Facebook

The post started off with Zofia claiming that she “wanted to take [the incident] to the grave,” but that she decided to share it with the public because she couldn’t handle seeing Mickey Huang having a “positive reputation.”

Zofia’s #MeToo post, shared with a solid black photo. | @FaShiNanYoumetInTaiwan/Facebook

#MeToo. Originally, I wanted to take this to the grave. But with Taiwan’s MeToo movement spreading like wildfire, it has forced a trip down memory lane for me. No one knows about this incident besides me. I wanted to keep this to myself. I thought that if I blocked out everything related to him, it would be as if nothing happened. Sadly, I kept seeing him appear, with his positive reputation, in the past two days. Whenever I saw him, my whole body trembled, and I couldn’t eat or sleep. My hands are shaking uncontrollably even as I’m typing up this post.

— Zofia

Zofia accused Mickey Huang of taking advantage of her when she was underage.

This happened to me over 10 years ago, when I was just 17. I got introduced to a senior in the entertainment industry by a friend from school. He gave off a very friendly and harmless vibe and had great music and artistic abilities. At that time, I liked writing songs, so I respected him as a senior. I was grateful he encouraged me to write and played my songs on the radio show he hosted.

But I didn’t expect him to come to my dorm at night, got me in his car, and kissed me without asking for my consent. He said he liked me. I got scared and didn’t know what to say or how to react. He did sincerely apologize afterward, and I accepted his apology.

— Zofia

Then, in 2011 when she had turned 20, Zofia had another inappropriate encounter with Mickey Huang. According to Zofia, he had forced her to “take off [her] top in order to take photos” in a hotel room.

Evergreen Laurel Hotel in Taichung | Booking.com

What happened after that still makes me wish I hadn’t gone to visit him at work that day.

On that day, he came to Taichung to host an event. I told him I was nearby so I could visit him, and even bought a pineapple cake as a gift. I don’t remember if it was before or after the event. He asked me to come visit him in his room at the Evergreen Laurel Hotel. Nothing seemed amiss at the beginning, until he said he wanted to hold an art exhibition.

He got me to take off my top in order to take photos, and kept reiterating that it was art, that no one can tell it’s nudity, and that no one would think it’s perverted. I was very young, and he had a good reputation, so I did what he said. He took out a green human-like doll (it was like a little soldier), and made it as if it was like taking photos of landscapes, in order to make me believe it was art. But I felt regretful and scared, so I couldn’t control my emotions or tears. I still remember him taking photos while I was crying uncontrollably, saying “You look beautiful even when you’re crying.” I feel disgusted whenever I subconsciously recall this sentence.

— Zofia

Zofia explained that, even though she resented him for the non-consensual kiss when she was a minor, she kept interacting with Mickey Huang because he had “sincerely apologized” and she “didn’t believe he’d cross” any more lines.

My husband asked me, “He had already kissed you without consent before, so why did you go?” I asked myself this, too. It’s because he sincerely apologized. Because he had such a good reputation, I didn’t believe he’d cross the line. I was just too young and foolish. Until now, what happened that day lives on my mind, and I still can’t confront it.

Sometimes, I even question myself. Am I just being too paranoid? Could that really  have been just art? In fact, I kept respecting him as an industry senior for years after the incident. That’s just how how stupid I was. I could only keep telling myself, if I don’t think about it, then nothing happened. Of course, I blamed myself many times for being so foolish.

— Zofia

Zofia concluded the post without revealing the name, but asking other victims to reach out.

I can’t say who it is, because I don’t have proof. I’ve buried this incident deep down in my heart for over 10 years, and I will live with this pain for the rest of my life. The funny thing is, these mentors and seniors who have good reputations made a lot of young people respect and believe them. It’s like, “You hurt me, but I still saw you as someone who recognized my talent.”

When I became a woman, I found a bit of courage to console the little girl that got hurt. When I became a mother, I finally got the courage to admit to the fact that I didn’t protect myself.

I really want to know, since he has a daughter too, now. How will he teach her how to protect herself? He is definitely not clean. What happened to me is all true, with no exaggerations. I know that by revealing my story, I’m going to get hurt a second and third time. But I don’t want to face this alone anymore. I also hope the girls and boys who read my story will be able to protect themselves better.

How many people are afraid to talk about their own #MeToo? If you’re also a victim, please message me. We shouldn’t just let this go. I’m not available for interviews.

— Zofia

Following Zofia’s shocking post, Mickey Huang came forward in a YouTube video—admitting that the revelation is about him.

Mickey Huang apologized for “letting down those who trust [him]” and insisted that he “worked hard to change [himself].”

Mickey Huang (left) with his wife, Summer Meng (right), and his daughter (center). | 8days

I’ve been thinking about how I should face all of this. Firstly, I have to apologize. I’m sorry for letting down those who trust me. I’ve also felt restless and couldn’t get past what happened. But I need to say that since meeting [my wife], Summer Meng, about 10 years ago, I’ve worked hard to change myself. I feel like I’ve done well. After having a child, I wanted to work even harder. But some things can’t be  undone, as they’ve already happened. No matter how well I do, how many people I take care of and help out, I know it’s all too late.

— Mickey Huang

He went on to explain that, as his interest in the Japanese porn culture developed, he “did some ridiculous things” based on the “perverted content.”

When I was about 10, my mother cheated on my father. I was really close to her, so she took me with her everywhere she went. I forgot his last name, but he was a taxi driver. You can imagine how shocking that was for me. So my mother and father got divorced. I then found porn in my father’s room when I was really young. I was fine in elementary school, but in middle school, I became a bit perverted. I had really close interactions with some of my male classmates. We were all in the self-discovery phase. I wondered if I liked guys, but I also liked girls. So it was intriguing. I peeked at teachers wearing dresses, like naughty kids do…

…After, I interacted less with guys. Since I liked Japanese culture, I became interested in their porn. There was a lot of perverted stuff coming from that industry, and I started copying the perverted content. Even when I made it into the entertainment business, I still watched porn. When I got a little bit older, I had some opportunities… and I did some ridiculous things. I think they’re ridiculous now, but at the time, I felt pleasure.

— Mickey Huang

Mickey Huang continued to apologize throughout the video—though more prominently to his wife, daughter, and fans.

Mickey Huang in the apology video. | TVBS NEWS/YouTube

I think it’s too late to apologize now. Like a lot of people have said, when they go through things like this, it leaves a permanent scar. It’s the same for me. I can’t forget any of this weird stuff. I don’t think they’re acceptable, but what’s done is done. I can’t forget what my mom did, either…

…To [my wife] Summer, there’s not a day when I don’t love you. To my daughter, I’m sorry. You’re still young, so it’s good that you won’t remember having me as a father…

…To those who supported me and gave me a lot of opportunities, I’ve definitely turned over a new leaf, so don’t worry. I was such a bastard back then. I was surrounded by a lot of bastards at the time, turning me into who I was.

— Mickey Huang

Soon after the video, media outlets in Taiwan began reporting that Mickey Huang had attempted to take his own life. He was said to have been hospitalized, and after receiving treatment, he has been discharged.

Meanwhile, Mickey’s wife spoke up in an interview—defending her husband and attesting to his “changed” character.

Summer Meng being interviewed. | mnews/YouTube

Since Mickey and I met, he has worked hard to change for the better and to share positive energy with everyone. As for the past… We need a bit more time and space. Thank you for all the concerns. We’re a family, so we will face this as one and make up for his past mistakes together. Thank you, everyone.

— Summer Meng

Since Mickey Huang and Summer Meng’s statements, Zofia has responded with a plea to support victims of similar incidents and to leave her family alone.

When I first shared this #MeToo incident, I just didn’t want there to be more victims. I wanted everyone to pay more attention to this social topic. I’m surprised a lot of people actually went through similar situations. I believe this is happening in a lot of places in society. A lot of vulnerable people are feeling depressed and crying alone, or even taking their lives without ever getting the opportunities to bounce back as a new person! I hope the society can continue to pay attention to these victims and give them the support. Protect and teach your children to be careful. Thank you for everyone’s concerns! Please don’t attack my family members. I will not respond again.

— Zofia

Mickey Huang is not the only Taiwanese celebrity embroiled in a scandal stemming from a shocking #MeToo revelation. Earlier, singer-actor Aaron Yan confronted accusations from his ex-boyfriend claiming he was raped by Yan when he was 16 years old. Read more about Aaron Yan here.

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Source: @FaShiNanYoumetInTaiwan, mnews and topstarnews

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