TWICE’s Mina Reveals Her Honest Feelings About Being Photographed Barefaced For SK-II’s “Late Night Portraits”

“Would you dare to be photographed at your worst moment?”

SK-II, a cosmetic brand hailing from Japan, celebrated its first “World PITERA Day” on July 13. As SK-II’s global ambassador, TWICE‘s Mina also graced the event held in Tokyo, Japan—revealing her gorgeous, PITERA-fueled photos from the brand’s latest “Late Night Portraits” campaign.

The said campaign, according to SK-II, is a “bold stress-test,” photographing the brand’s ambassadors “bare-skinned” at “the worst time of day” with “their skin prepped with nothing but PITERA for the shoot.”

TWICE’s Mina | SK-II

In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, Mina shared her honest thoughts about having been a part of this unique experience.

SK-II asks, “Would you dare to be photographed at your worst moment?” | @skii/Instagram

As a global girl group member, Mina is more used to wearing stage makeup. And, because of how packed her schedule can get, it is challenging on her skin. While her skin “generally looks great in the morning,” Mina admitted that—after a long day of rehearsals or late-night performances, she would “always feel conscious about how [her] face looks.”

My skin generally looks great in the morning but gets dry and irritated as the day goes on, especially when I have makeup on for a long time. I used to notice that my skin at night was very different from my skin in the morning. After a long day of rehearsals and after taking off my makeup after a late performance, I would always feel conscious about how my face looked.

But since using the PITERA Essence, I can really see that my skin has stabilized and I no longer have to worry about the condition of my skin.

— Mina

Being so aware of how her skin at night is different from her skin in the morning, “fear” was Mina’s immediate reaction to getting photographed barefaced for the “Late Night Portraits” campaign. Mina revealed that she got nervous at the idea of not only being without the usual K-Pop glitz-and-glam, but also getting photographed for the world to see.

To be honest, my immediate reaction was fear. As an idol, I usually face my fans in full stage makeup. My shoot was right after I finished a long day of rehearsals, at a corridor backstage. It was certainly an unusual experience to be photographed at night without makeup!

— Mina

With the help of SK-II’s PITERA Essence, though, Mina eventually knew she had nothing to fear. Throughout the campaign, this ambassadorship gave her the courage to be “more authentic and in tune with [her] real and raw self.”

But after I filmed ‘PITERA and Me’ with SK-II, I became braver about going bare skinned, and being more authentic and in tune with my real and raw self. This was made possible because of the PITERA Essence. My skin has been in a very good condition since I started using it.

[So] even though I was expecting to be nervous, when the cameras started clicking, I felt very much at ease knowing that my skin fluctuations have been stabilized by PITERA.

I loved the outcome – not just my portrait but also everyone else’s!

— Mina

Just the queen and her glowing skin!

| @skii/Instagram

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