Back On Stage After GFRIEND: VIVIZ Reveals How “Re-Debuting” As A Trio Really Felt And How It’s Going

There has been “a sense of pressure and fear” for sure, according to the members.

From promoting “BOP BOP!” (and remixes) to starring on Queendom 2, VIVIZ has been busy since February 2022. In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, members EUNHA, SINB, and UMJI shared their unique experience of “re-debuting” as a K-Pop trio.

VIVIZ’s EUNHA, SINB, and UMJI | Big Planet Made

Previously, in a YouTube series on the SCAN VIVIZ channel, SINB revealed how heartbreaking the contract termination in May 2021 had been—especially for the GFRIEND members who “had known of the termination a whole month before it was announced.”

GFRIEND | @GFRDofficial/Twitter

How were we supposed to tell the fans that we aren’t doing it anymore? That GFRIEND will not be renewing the contract? We couldn’t be the first to tell them…

During the last year, it was really hard for everyone—even though we tried not to make it obvious on-air and to the fans. I would have never imagined crying as much as I did in 2021. Honestly, I think I might have bawled out my life’s worth of tears in that single year.


Following the rather unexpected and unfortunate turn of events, fans became thrilled to hear EUNHA, SINB, and UMJI re-debuting as VIVIZ. According to UMJI, the return as a trio definitely came with “a sense of pressure and fear,” but the previous experience of having been a part of GFRIEND helped.

UMJI | Big Planet Made

We had a completely new mindset for our promotion as VIVIZ.

Although there was definitely a sense of pressure and fear coming from what we already know about this career, we were also more comfortable and skillful because we knew a lot.


Since the re-debut, VIVIZ is discovering new dreams, chasing new goals, and building new teamwork. The members are “finding [their] ways and having fun throughout the [promotions],” according to UMJI.

There were some areas that worried us in the beginning. We weren’t sure what kind of performances or songs suited us.

Nonetheless, as we continue to experiment with various songs and performances, I think we’re gradually finding our way and having fun throughout the promotion.


And having fun while experimenting has been working for sure—which became evident on Queendom 2. VIVIZ members performed GFRIEND’s hits, “Time for the Moon Night” and “Rough,” eventually winning third place in the final episode.

VIVIZ on “Queendom 2” | Mnet

Looking back on the performances, UMJI shared how “the songs mean so much,” as well as how former groupmates got in touch to show support!

Since ‘Time for the Moon Night’ and ‘Rough’ were songs we used to perform together with the other GFRIEND members, they contacted us saying that they held their breath while watching us perform them.

The songs mean so much to us and we are so grateful for them. We prepared them to express each line with sincerity. It felt really special, even after the performance.


Getting EUNHA, SINB, and UMJI back on stage after GFRIEND has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for both the members and their fans. Now, VIVIZ and Na.Vs are sailing forward—stronger than ever!

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