10 Most Adorable Couple-Moments Of Idols… Who Aren’t Dating Anymore

These ships may have sunk, but fans will always remember these sweet moments fondly.

1. UEE and Kangnam

Kangnam and UEE were photographed hugging after a sweet date! They got close after filming Law of the Jungle together, but denied reports of their relationship at first.


After the photos were released, both parties revealed they were, in fact, dating and asked fans to look upon them warmly.

[★BREAKING] Kangnam and UEE admit they’re dating


After dating for three months, however, the two called it quits due to the stress of going public and their busy schedules.


2. AOA’s Seolhyun and Block B’s Zico

This cute moment comes from Zico’s appearance on Radio Star soon after their relationship was revealed to the public by Dispatch.

Dispatch reveals photos of Seolhyun and Zico allegedly going on secret dates


Zico shared that he didn’t play hard to get with Seolhyun and made sure to read her messages as soon as he was done with work.

He also spoke more cautiously and shared he has decided to be more cautious in all aspects — out of respect for his partner.

The pair split ways 6 months later, due to the immense pressure caused by going public with their relationship.


3. f(x)’s Krystal and EXO’s Kai

Before they were dating, the two were famous as “Kaistal” due to their close friendship and incredible chemistry. This lovely moment comes from a magazine shoot from before they were official.


Many fans hoped they would date one day since they look so good together, which was showcased by this W magazine photoshoot.


They were spotted on a date in March 2016 and SM Entertainment confirmed that Kaistal was real soon after.


The two long-time friends tried to make it work but ended up parting ways about a year later.

[★BREAKING] Kai and Krystal have broken up


4. B2ST’s Junhyung and Goo Hara

One of the cutest moments from their relationship is when Junhyung’s father spoke about meeting Goo Hara.

Junhyung brought Hara to our house to introduce her to us… She is a bright and kind person.

— Junhyung’s father


All of B2ST’s fathers were asked which girl group member they would want as their daughter-in-law, and Junhyung’s dad picked Goo Hara!

Since they’re dating happily…wouldn’t it be nice?


But it was not meant to be as the two broke up in March 2013 after almost 2 years of dating.


5. Girls Day’s Hyeri and Tony An

Back when Hyeri and Tony An were dating, H.O.T.’s Moon Heejun and Tony An, Sechskies’s Eun Jiwon, G.O.D.’s Danny An, and NRG’s Chun Myunghoon appeared on Happy Together. MoonHeejun said he promised Tony he wouldn’t directly mention his relationship but said would only merely allude to it.

My sister’s name is Moon Hyeri! I’m just hinting at it…She cut her hair in a bob. She is so pretty.

— Moon Heejun

At the time, Girls Day’s Hyeri had recently cut her hair short as well.


Hyeri and Tony An have an age difference of 16 years, reminiscent of Heejun and his wife Soyul’s age difference of 13 years. Perhaps he was inspired by Tony and Hyeri’s love story!

I was never jealous of him when we were in H.O.T. but I am now. He’s hot!

— Moon Heeju


Hyeri and Tony An were spotted dating back in April 2013, to the surprise and scorn of many people.

They soon broke up in November of the same year.


6. Yeeun and 2AM’s Jinwoon

This adorable moment saw these hoobaes teasing their hyung about his recently revealed relationship with Yeeun.

Hyung, don’t you have to come to JYP Nation? I think you have another reason to come to JYP Nation.

— GOT7’s JB


Yugyeom spilled in front of the camera that they saw Jinwoon and Yeeun together in the practice room, even when GOT7 were still trainees.


In September 2016, the pair revealed they had been dating since 2014.

They confirmed their break up only 7 months later, after dating for almost four years.


7. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and Lee Seung Gi

New K-Pop fans might not know it, but before Lee Seung Gi and Yoona dated, he  constantly mentioned in interviews and on Strong Heart that Yoona was his ideal type.

Seunggi constantly confessed to Yoona, starting from the first episode of Strong Heart! “I’m just a huge fan of Yoona and, in a past interview, she also said she liked me too.”


Their love story truly grew on this show, as Yoona and Seung Gi would flirt constantly. That’s probably why there was such a warm response when they were revealed to be dating!

The pair dated for a year and nine months before announcing their break-up.


8. Girl’s Day’s Sojin and Eddy Kim

The same month Sojin and Eddy Kim confirmed their relationship, Eddy released a song he wrote about falling in love and finding a girlfriend. Too cute!

I’ll go right to her, I will confess my love. She’s my girlfriend, starting from today.

— “Heart Pound” lyrics


The two were confirmed to be getting to know each other romantically in June 2017. Eddy Kim’s “Heart Pound” was released around the same time as well.

The two called it quits after six months together due to packed schedules.


9. EXID’s Hani and JYJ’s Junsu

The usually bright and hyper Hani spilled about how tough her sudden popularity had been on her and how her new beau helped ease the stress.

I thought ‘I can’t be like this, now is not the time to chase my personal happiness’, but a human’s heart isn’t easy to control.

— Hani


She carefully shared the story of how they fell in love and how he brightened up her world.

He’s a respectful person. Out of all the people I’ve met, he’s the most cheerful and has such a positive energy.

— Hani


The couple parted ways about a year after announcing their relationship.

Junsu and Hani no longer together after one year


10. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and 2PM’s NichKhun

Soon after Tiffany and Nichkhun confirmed they were in a relationship, he yelled “I’m happy!” over and over on television.

As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters!

— Yoo Jae Suk


He was super smiley when Yoo Jae Suk asked what Tiffany was doing that day. He said “She’s resting!” to which Yoo Jae Suk replied, “So you called her this morning?”


Khun was even spotted grinning and dancing to “Holler” when Girls’ Generation-TTS won an award at MAMA 2014.


The pair called it quits after officially dating for 1 year and 5 months.

The ever good-natured and smiley prince, NichKhun was still able to smile about the relationship even after it ended.