[★BREAKING] Kangnam and UEE admit they’re dating

Kangnam and UEE‘s companies released an official statement confirming that they have been dating for about two months.

UEE’s company statement:

“First, we would like to apologize that we were unable to quickly relay accurate information, and caused a disturbance to everyone.

We had to be extra careful because UEE is an actress currently filming a drama.

UEE and Kangnam have just recently started a relationship, so they are very surprised and careful about the situation.

UEE was even more careful because she didn’t want to cause harm to the upcoming drama that she’s working on. As they were trying to be considerate towards each other, we first denied the rumors.

But they have both agreed that they should officially announce their relationship. We ask for your support and love for their relationship and future activities.”

— Yuleum Entertainment

Kangnam’s company statement:

“We apologize that it took so long to confirm the news as it relates to the celebrity’s private life.

We were also being considerate of the side of UEE as an actress. They have been dating for about 2 months.

We ask for your warm interest.”

— RD Entertainment

The relationship was initially denied by UEE herself on Instagram.

There were also statement from her company denying the relationship.

Both parties continued to deny the relationship until Dispatch released photo and video evidence of the two spotted together on a late night date.

Catch up on the full details all of the relationship news below.

[★BREAKING] Dispatch releases video of UEE and Kangnam’s date

[★BREAKING] Dispatch catches UEE and Kangnam on a date

UEE Denies That She’s Dating Kangnam

Source: News 1 and XSport News

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