[★BREAKING] Dispatch releases video of UEE and Kangnam’s date

Both UEE and Kangnam’s agencies are continually denying dating rumors even after the release of Dispatch’s photos.

After Dispatch released photos they also released a video clip of UEE giving Kangnam a hug after enjoying a night out.

Even so, UEE’s agency reiterated that they were just friends.

“The dating rumor with Kangnam isn’t true. They’re close friends.”

— Yuleum Entertainment

Kangnam’s agency refused to make a comment about the photos.

“Kangnam’s dating life is his privacy. We have no comment.”

— RD Entertainment

Read more about Uee and Kangnam’s relationship below.

UEE Denies That She’s Dating Kangnam

[★BREAKING] Dispatch catches UEE and Kangnam on a date

Source: Osen